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Walking is one of the simplest and most profitable forms of exercise to lose weight.  So you want to begin a walking for fitness program but do not know where to start – the Smart Health Nut is here to help.  You can begin slow and eventually progress farther and farther as your stamina builds.  If you are a beginner, start by walking out your front door or drive to the park and walk for 10 minutes and then turn around and walk back (total walking time is 20 minutes).  While walking, remember to think “tall” and elongate your body, walking with your shoulders back and down while tightening your abdominal muscles.  This will engage your core and give you core workout while you are toning your legs and butt. 


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Healthy Life Style

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You should be walking fast enough to reach your target heart rate (your pulse is elevated and you are breathing harder than normal) but not strenuously enough that you are gasping for air.  As with any exercise routine, do not forget to stretch after your workout. To lose weight fast, continue the above walking workout everyday (or at least 5 days if you cannot walk everyday) for one week.  If this was not hard for you, the following week add 5 minutes to your walk before you turn around.  Continue increasing your walks by 5-minute intervals until you have reached your target.  Walking for at least 45 minutes is the most beneficial because, after 40 minutes your body has reached its fat-burning stage. 


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Healthy Way to Live

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Daily exercise is an important ingredient for fast weight loss diet plans. Good news, this doesn't mean you have to run a marathon or workout several hours at the gym.  Pedometer studies revealed that people who add at least 2,000 steps to their day (approximately a 15 minute walk) have a reduced risk for unhealthy weight gain, heart attacks, Type II diabetes, strokes, cancer and many more. Something as simple as walking at a moderate pace for 45-60 minutes will help you lose weight by burning as many calories as a running exercise for 2-3 miles.  Plus after walking at a steady pace for at least 45 minutes your body has burned off all of its stored sugars (in the form of glycogen) and now must burn fat. 


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Healthy Weight Loss

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Prior to that point your body is only burning excess sugar so, while you are burning calories and strengthening your cardiovascular and respiratory system you are not getting the fat-burning benefits of walking. As with any exercise routine, the most difficult aspect is developing a habit.   To gain the most health benefits from walking, it is important to aim to go on a walk everyday, or at least 5 times a week if that is not possible.  Enlist a friend or relative to be your walking buddy or find a local walking group by looking at community centers, YMCAs or websites such as 


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Burning Fat & Losing Weight

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Having somebody to walk with will make your daily walks more enjoyable and will keep you accountable and motivated to not skip a day if you are feeling tired or lazy.  The key to a successful fitness routine is finding an activity that you enjoy doing so that you are not dreading your exercise time everyday.  Rather than thinking of your daily walk as being a stressful chore, make it a time that you can chat with a friend or enjoy some alone time.